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As a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with over 13 years clinical experience, trained Inner Healing Coach and Mental Health Strategist who helps others breakthrough mental and emotional barriers, I understand the difficulties of breaking barriers with an audience. 

 As and event host, I understand the importance of having the right speakers who, not only align with the vision, but is passionate and able to leave a lasting impact... And that is my goal. I desire not just move your audience but provoke thought that lead to action and lasting  change!

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As an event host there's one thing that I know for certain, the speakers will leave a lasting impact on your event! Their passion. Their expertise. Their preparedness. Their contentedness. All of these are important factors to making a grand or sub-par impact on your audience.

As a speaker, it is my goal to bring a passion that is felt- that will move your audience into action. Along with the knowledge needed to help them breakthrough to their maximum self. 

I also strive to making a lasting impact, not only with you as the event planner - but with your audience wanting to return for more. 

Prayerfully this page will make it easier for you to determine if my message, mission and mojo is what you've been looking for!

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+ Prompt communication

+ A professional and passionate presentation customized for your audience 

+ A listening ear

+ A passionate delivery

If the booking is confirmed, we we will gather as many details about your event as possible to make sure that the talk touches and transforms lives. 

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I love speaking but consider my highest calling being a teacher and developer.

Why the distinction? Every since in can remember I have always loved to teach and push people to be their absolute best.  Even as a child, I remember loving to share the new information I learned. There was many times in school where the teacher would designate me to assist the other students because there was a unique and vibrant, yet simple approach that I had to teaching.

With the time I have in front of your audience, my commitment is to treat your stage like the classroom everyone needs. 

My mission is to inspire you and those in the audience to expand their minds and live fully from within.

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  • What is Mental Health 

  • Mentally Healthy vs Unhealthy

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Mental Health Verses Inner Healing

  • Strategies for Maintaining Mental Health

  • Healing From Your Past

  • The Effects of Trauma

  • Stress Management

  • Self Work

  • Forgiveness

  • Self Esteem/Self Love

  • Boundaries

  • Healthy Relationships 

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  • Purpose

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Gifts

  • Created For More

  • Inner Healing 

  • Spiritual Development 

  • Prayer 

  • Goals + Planning

  • Life Strategy 

  • Life Leadership

  • Marriage

  • Wise Woman

  • And so much more

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Even if your topic isn't listed, please feel free to reach out. If you have a specific topic you would like me to speak about fill out the request form and we will get back with you.

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Ebony had a superb presentation. Its very important that we set the atmosphere for the audience to receive and they did quite well.

Julie Pender, FGP Coordinator

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Interested in having Ebony Allen Harris speak to your organization, college, church or event? Great choice! 

With over 8 years as a professional speaker, she's certainly known to move a crowd. Ebony loves to inspire, ignite and stretch an audience. 

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